Preach the Gospel, Make Disciples and Equip the Saints!

College Outreach

UNC The Pit

UNC Gospel Talks

UNC follow up

Reaching Muslims NCSU 17


NCSU August 2016

UNC College Outreach April 6,2016

UNC Outreach

UNC Outreach

UNC Reasoning Design

Preaching UNC 2016

NC State Preaching

Reaching Muslims at NCSU

preaching NCSU


City Outreach

First Friday Downtown Ral NC

Raleigh Outside Bars 2017

Downtown Ral A

Downtown Ral B

Downtown Ral C

Raleigh April 2017 A

Bus Stop Raleigh Aug 3 16

Friday Night

Friday Night Downtown

Friday Night Downtown Praying

Using Signs to share Gospel

Friday Night Gospel Conversations

City Event Passing Out Tracts

Event Outreach

NAACP Rally 2017

Out Raleigh 2017A

Out Raleigh 2017 B

Out Raleigh 2017 C

Women's March 2017

Animazement 2017A

Animazement 2017B

Animazement 2017C

Animazement 2017D

Animazement 2017E

Wall Street NYC 2016 B

Wall Street NYC 2016

Atheist Reason Rally 2016


Goodpersontest st patricks 16

Superbowl 2016 San Francisco

New Year's Eve 2016

New Year's Eve 2016 B

Chapel Hill Halloween 2015

Chapel Hill Halloween 2015 B

Chapel Hill Halloween 2015 C

Out Raleigh 2015 Gospel Talk

Out Raleigh 2016

Anime Convention 2015

Abortion Clinic  Outreach

Raleigh Team



love life

Raleigh Abortion Center

abortion clinic summer 2016

Raleigh Abortion Clinic 1-2-1

Abortion Clinic opposition

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