A direct fruit of publicly preaching the Gospel is that believers who are not plugged into a local church feel challenged to grow in their relationship with God and be part of a church. Also I have found that interested unbelievers need somewhere they can go to continue their journey and experience the community of God’s people. My passion is to partner with local Christ-centered churches, creating a “Halo” of churches around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area that I can recommend to people. I want to be a resource on the streets God can use to help individuals become discipled and grow in the context of God’s family. Also, on college campuses I desire to partner with campus ministries to help facilitate follow-up with those whom God touches through the campus preaching ministry. As a guest on campus I realize that it is the college student ministries that do the heavy lifting when it comes to discipleship and follow up. I want to partner with them in good relationship to create a united front for expanding the kingdom of God on campus. If you're a local church, ministry or Christian who would like to partner with me to advance the Kingdom of God please feel free to contact me.

Partnering with Local Churches

To Make Disciples and Expand the Kingdom of God

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