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Partnering with Local Churches

To Make Disciples and Expand the Kingdom of God

A direct fruit of publicly preaching the Gospel is that believers who are not plugged into a local church feel challenged to grow in their relationship with God and be part of a church. Also I have found that interested unbelievers need somewhere they can go to continue their journey and experience the community of God’s people. My passion is to partner with local Christ-centered churches, creating a “Halo” of churches around the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area that I can recommend to people. I want to be a resource on the streets God can use to help individuals become discipled and grow in the context of God’s family. Also, on college campuses I desire to partner with campus ministries to help facilitate follow-up with those whom God touches through the campus preaching ministry. As a guest on campus I realize that it is the college student ministries that do the heavy lifting when it comes to discipleship and follow up. I want to partner with them in good relationship to create a united front for expanding the kingdom of God on campus. If you're a local church, ministry or Christian who would like to partner with me to advance the Kingdom of God please feel free to contact me.

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