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Does God Exist?

How can we know?

This short video seeks to reason with someone using common sense to present the evidence for God. By using our eyes and our minds we can learn a lot about God.

Does God Best Explain the Universe?

Are there any good arguments for God?

In this video I give 3 possible explanations for the origin & existence of the Universe. I think you'll agree that God best explains the reality we all share.

The Gospel Message simple as A.B.C.

Can the most important message be that simple?

If you haven't learned your "Gospel ABC's" yet, then you're not ready to die. The Gospel is the most important message you will ever hear & believe. The Gospel has changed the world, and the Gospel will change your world. Take 5 minutes to listen & believe!

20 Reasons to Rely on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

He is Risen! 

This fast paced video gives reasons to believe that Jesus rose from the dead. The Bible is clear, if Jesus did not rise from the dead then Christianity is false. If He did rise from the dead it affects history & eternity!

Why is Jesus the Only Way to God?

A brief answer to a hard question 

Jesus made bold claims about being the only way to God! Why is He the only way to God? Because Jesus is God. It's just that simple. This 5 minute video unpacks some of that.

The Good Person Test

Using the "Good Person Test" to share the Gospel

This 22 minute video explains the "Good Person Test" I often use when sharing the Gospel. It uses a simple courtroom illustration as a "parable" to help show how we've broken God's moral Law through sin and how Jesus paid our fine. For greater explanation of this method you can visit Ray Comfort's website at

Open Air Preaching at NC State

College Campus Outreach 

Jesus said, "Go out and preach the Gospel to every creature." Open air preaching is the most effective way to reach the most amount of people in the least amount of time with the least amount of money who otherwise might not come to a church to hear it. We aren't yelling at people, we're proclaiming to the people, Trust Jesus!

Street witnessing in Raleigh

Raleigh NC is a great place to share Christ! 

It is an awesome privilege in our country that we can go freely downtown to our cities & share Christ with people. Jesus said, "Follow Me and I will make you become a fisher of men." I love going fishing where the fish are.

Street witnessing in Lost Vegas

Jesus was called a "friend of sinners."

Every nation & state comes to Vegas to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin for a season, and so the Christians who live there don't even have to leave their own backyard to reach the world with the Gospel. Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost.

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